David Wollner

Partner, Store Manager

David Wollner, the managing partner of the Green Store, is another East coast transplant. David’s long commitment to selling non-toxic, safe, and, when possible, local products dates back to the 1970s, when he spent 10 years in Boston as a student of Michio Kushi studying diet and natural healing. His many jobs included store clerk, cab driver, floor finisher, carpenter’s helper, painter, and professional writer, before embarking on a career owning and operating natural food stores. He came to Eugene in 1992 when he bought Friendly’s Market. Upon selling Friendly’s and after a 2-year break, David was hired by BRING Recycling as its Business Manager, a position he held for 9 years where he oversaw the Deconstruction Crew and the Reuse Yard. He was instrumental in BRING’s escape from the swamp on Seavy Loop and their purchase of the new Glenwood site. After leaving BRING, David and Tom Bowerman made plans to open the Green Store, and invited Tom Scott to join them to implement the solar component of the business. The three of them still own the Green Store.