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Penofin has been making wood finishes for over 30 years and has developed their Verde line from vegetable ester solvents, plant based resins and Brazilian rosewood oil. Here at the Green Store, we don’t sell wood or concrete finishes based on petro-chemical technology, and Verde is one of our best selling products for decks, fences and other outdoor applications, although it can be used inside also. Verde is the only plant oil based finish we sell that is 0 VOC. Like the others, it is non-toxic – meaning. Verde is safe for use around animals, children and vegetation.

Verde protects wood against discoloring because of exposure to UV rays. Be aware, that pigmented wood finish offers more UV protection than clear ones do. This is especially important when using on a horizontal surface, such as a wood deck. Horizontal boards are more exposed to the sun than vertical boards.

The Green Store also carries Penefin ProTech Stripper, Cleaner and Brightener.

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