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Product Description

Osmo Polyx-Oil is our best selling floor and trim finish because it is hardwearing, durable and easy to use, making it a perfect choice for a DIY home project, even if you’re an inexperienced klutz. Just roll or brush it on ( with a stiff bristle brush ), let it penetrate the wood, and wipe off the excess. One liter does two coats for an area of approximately 130 square feet.

Made in Germany from bio-based ingredients, Osmo Polyx-Oil meets stringent German codes for performance and safety, and unlike a polyurethane finish, your floors will retain the feel and appearance of natural wood. In the future, if you need to touch up the finish in heavily trafficked areas, just brush on only where needed. There is no need to redo the entire floor, and no prior sanding is required.

Besides regular Polyx-Oil, there are also a Polyx-Oil geared to the professional that comes in 9 tints in addition to the natural matte finish. Polyx Profession Hardwax-Oil is not recommended for DIY applications.

Other interior products from Osmo are their transparent Wood Wax Finish in 14 shades, plus natural, and Top Oil, which is recommended by Paper Stone and ideal for other countertops, too.

Their line-up of exterior products is headed by One Coat Only, available in 16 attractive colors. As the name suggests, you need apply only one thin coat to attain optimal surface protection and a beautiful lasting finish that provides weatherproofing and UV-resistance. One liter beautifully covers about 275 square feet. It is translucent, so the wood grain remains visible through the color, making a very attractive look.

If you prefer an opaque exterior stain, Osmo has one of those, too. Osmo’s Opaque Gloss Wood Stain is also a one coat product with the same weatherizing capacity and UV guard as the One Coat. Brush it on and let it soak into the wood. When it’s time to reapply, there is no need to sand or scrape. Just put it where it is needed, the same as Osmo’s other finishes.
Lastly, Osmo has introduced their Deck Oil to North America. It is the best selling deck oil in Germany, and features the same ease of use and superior durability as the rest of their line. It is available in 8 colors and clear. One should be advised that with all deck sealants, the UV protection is greatly diminished if you use a clear stain that is not tinted.

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