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Mythic is one of the signature products here at the Green Store. Developed for the Pentagon in response to sailors’ complaints that the fumes from fresh paint in submarines was making them ill, it has been used by the government to restore and enhance such iconic DC landmarks as the Pentagon, the Smithsonian, and the Capitol. Mythic paint is not merely zero VOC, but it is also totally non-toxic, containing absolutely no solvent, just an acrylic-like polymer and water. It is the choice for painting during pregnancy and in nurseries and homes where avoiding chemicals is a choice or an imperative. But the good news about Mythic does not end there. It also happens to be one of the best performing acrylic type latex paints sold today. Mythic consistently out performs the leading brands on scrub tests, the paint industry’s yardstick for quality and durability. In the same series of tests, done by Data Color, a leading paint industry consultant and testing laboratory, Mythic did as well as or better than all comers on other subjective performance benchmarks including thickness, sheen, sag resistance, flow, and leveling and gloss.

Paint is one of those products that the government gives manufacturers a pass on listing all the ingredients. Many additives that are put into paint are not mentioned on the label, some of which are proven to be detrimental to health. The same goes for VOC ratings; manufacturers are not required to include non-smog causing VOCs when reporting the VOC content of their products.  The “zero VOC” paint you are using may, in fact, have non-reportable VOCs and carcinogenic ingredients. Since Mythic is just polymer and water, they have nothing to hide. We are proud to be Eugene’s only Mythic dealer.

The Green Store also is proud that the colorants we use to mix our paints are zero VOC, low odor, have no free-formaldehyde, and contain no endocrine disruptors. Most other low and VOC-free paints use the same nasty colorants as regular paints and cannot make this claim.

Mythic is clearly the best choice for when you want a premium zero VOC paint.

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