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Hemp Shield

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Penetrating Oil Wood Finish & Deck Sealer

Developed and manufactured right here in Eugene, Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ is the first and only penetrating wood finish containing 100% hemp oil produced in the United States of America. Hemp Shield™ is suitable for wooden decks, fences, stairs, siding, shutters, and furniture — anything wooden that will be exposed to the weather. In extensive tests, Hemp Shield™ outlasted all comers, including the highly toxic petroleum based exterior finishes sold by hardware stores (see the chart below). Hemp Shield’s finishes are UV resistant, and the trans-oxide pigments they use impart lasting color to your outdoor wood without hiding the grain. Hemp Shield’s unique, 100% hemp oil, formulation represents a major advance in the preservation of outdoor wood — a back-to-the-future choice that, by revisiting an agricultural oil feed stock, has created a environmentally friendly finish that outperforms the most expensive petroleum finishes. Hemp Shield™ also resists environmental attacks from mildew, algae, and fungus, but in “Clear” formula, contains only 9g/l volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), almost 60 times less than other products labeled “Low VOC”. Hemp Shield also contains none of the 289 hazardous air pollutants (HAP’s) listed by the EPA. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ offers superior performance in a truly “green” and sustainable product.

Hemp Shield uses a two-step engineering process to modify pure virgin hemp oil into a stable, water reducible base for wood coatings. Due to the extremely small particle size attained by the modified hemp oil, it is drawn deep into the wood fibers. As Hemp Shield travels into the wood, it delivers the specially formulated biocides and fungicides that have been added to the oil

During application, Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer releases no HAPs, and only very small amounts of VOCs into the environment. Drips and spills will not contaminate the soil under and around structures protected with Hemp Shield. In service, Hemp Shield is released from the treated wood mainly through wear. In contrast, surface waterproofers, especially those that are urethane based, erode and dissolve in a short period of time, delivering their chemical load into the soil and water.

After water, the major component of Hemp Shield is hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is made from an especially sustainable, versatile, and economical powerhouse crop — Industrial Hemp. Henry Ford called hemp, “the peanut of fiber crops.” Hemp takes 120 days to mature to the point of producing oil (versus the millions of years needed to create petroleum). Compared with seed oil crops such as cottonseed, linseed, and canola, hemp seed produces 2 to 3 times the oil per planted acre.

Hemp Shield Aging Test

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