While it seems that everyone is jumping on the “green” bandwagon with a new low VOC or no VOC product, there is more to sustainability than VOC content. If a product has to be reapplied often, or more material is required to manufacture or use the product, is it really beneficial to use? If the product contains petroleum derived content or solvents that the EPA has exempted, i.e. that do not count towards VOC limits, is it really a step forward? If a company makes oodles of hazardous and/or high VOC products and a token low VOC line, are they really committed to bettering the environment?

Ecoprocote exclusively uses renewable and/or recycled ingredients to replace toxic petroleum solvents in all their products. This smarter chemistry utilizes plant-based solvents that do as well as or outperform their petroleum counterparts. In addition to superior effectiveness, Ecoprocote products are designed for efficiency; they are easy to apply, economical to use, and offer long lasting performance so you have to reapply less often. Using their products eliminates hazardous ingredients that are bad for people, bad for the environment, and bad for your pocketbook. The benefits are immediate and long term.

Their mission is simple:

  • Develop a Global Channel For Our ecoprocotetm Green Building Compliant, Sustainable Coatings.
  • Reduce The Negative Human and Environmental Impacts of Hazardous Materials.
  • Maintain The Commitment of Delivering Only High Performance Sustainable Solutions.

To fulfill their mission, Ecoprocote produces evaluates their products in three areas: performance, sustainability, and value. Products must perform as well as or better than conventional like-purposed products. They must use less material inputs to manufacture. They need to prolong the life of the substrate (the material you are applying their products to). They must be simple to use. In addition to being low or no VOC, in virtually every product except their colorants, Ecoprocote formulations contain renewable and recycled ingredients. Their formulae do not include exempt solvents or hidden toxic chemicals.


Here is a short list of the extensive products offered by Ecoprocote.

SoyCrete™ is the world’s most trusted bio-based, semi-transparent penetrating concrete stain. The advanced chemical engineering provides designers, installers, and end-users unparalleled durability, sustainability, and decorative style. It is a green building compliant, non-hazardous, ultra-low VOC, acid-free, decorative concrete stain, that is able to provide the variegated look of acid stain, but with more consistency, control, flexibility, and ease of use, meaning faster installation time, all without sacrificing performance integrity. Their new nano technology formula, Micro-Flo NG, allows Soy-Crete to penetrate faster and bond more tightly than other concrete stains. By incorporating small molecule size and an improved ability to reduce surface tension, the stain flows efficiently into the substrate without unsightly streaking. Professional and artisans can distribute the stain faster using a greater variety of applicator tools, including high quality pump sprayers.

Acri-Soy™ Penetrating Clear Sealer is a high performance, eco-friendly, bio-based sealer that delivers optimum substrate protection, enhanced durability and top in its field sustainability. It can be used to seal concrete, paving bricks, masonry block, natural stone, grout, wood decks, wood trim, fiber cement, plaster, stucco, and other porous substrates. The bio-based resins penetrate and absorb into whichever surface they are applied and integrally bond and seal without the use of petroleum based solvents. Acri-Soy™ is virtually odorless and it “breathes.” That means it allows moisture to escape from within the substrate, which otherwise is trapped and could cause premature failing. Their Eff-Bloc™ technology provides enhanced efflorescence resistance, augments flow for uniform coverage, increases adherence, and delivers greatly improved early water resistance. This advanced technology also improves the color within the substrate being sealed with a natural satin sheen and can help rejuvenate faded colors to provide extended life. In sum, Soy-Crete is engineered for speedy application, ease of use, durability, and low cost. 

Eco-Tuff™ High Traffic Acrylic-Urethane Clear Coat is the world’s leading environmentally compliant safety coating that outperforms all other clear floor coating products in its class. The advanced formulation of water-based, cross-linking, modified acrylics, urethanes, and bio-based co-polymers (from renewable resource and recycled content), delivers a Green Building compliant high traffic finish coating with superior durability, flexibility and safety.

Eco-Tuff™ is a single component, zero VOC, ultra tough waterproof coating. There are no hazardous ingredients, it is non-flammable, and virtually odorless. It is engineered for the most extreme environments from freezing cold temperatures to the hottest climates around the world, and  is able to withstand abrasion, UV rays, chemical spills, hot tire skid marks, and can be formulated to be 100% immersible (AQ formula). Eco-Tuff™ has been used at major theme parks, resorts, military bases, universities, and on oil rigs and ocean liners; wherever people care to use a non-toxic, submersible product
The Eco-Tuff™ family includes formulations for concrete, wood, fiber cement, FRP panels, fiberglass, and metal surfaces. Each formulation is customized for its intended application. Formulations options are; Eco-Tuff™ HT Clear Coat Standard (for non-flexible substrates) Eco-Tuff™ Flex Clear Wood Finish (for wood, FRP, Fiber Cement Wallboards & fiberglass decks), and optional AQ formula (for submersible applications such as piers, pools, fountains, & spas).
Eco-Tuff™ has the unique ability to provide maximum pliability for substrates that naturally expand and contract. Conventional coating materials will eventually crack when subjected to such shifts and will lead to premature failure. Eco-Tuff™ offers maximum life of your investment.
Eco-Tuff™ Clear Coat is the perfect coating system for use with decorative broadcast aggregates to enhance slip resistance or decorative features. Use our Clear 100% Recycled Fine Glass Aggregate or install numerous other decorative aggregates such as granulated cork, color chips, coffee grounds, etc.

Other products bearing the Eco-Tuff ™ brand are tintable Eco-Tuff Industrial Floor Coating, Eco-Tuff™ Non-Skid Safety Coating, Eco-Tuff™ Two-Part, Water Based Epoxy, Eco-Tuff™ Quick Prime, and Eco-Tuff™ Metal Primer.

Eco-Etch™ Pro is a water-based non-hazardous, non-corrosive, biodegradable concentrate concrete etching and cleaning solution. Clean and etch concrete, masonry, cinder block, brick, mortar joints and grout to properly prepare substrates for optimum penetration and adhesion of stains, paints, industrial coatings, and sealers.

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