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Bioshield was founded in 1982 making them one of the oldest producers of nontoxic paints and finishes in the US. Their approach is simple: to create safe, high-performance commonly used products relying on naturally occurring ingredients obtained fairly and ecologically. They focus on waterborne paints and stains that use earth pigments for coloration, finishing oils extracted from seeds and nuts, and naturally derived, hypoallergenic household cleaners.

Bioshield’s products set a high standard of integrity and responsibility. And it is no wonder, because they’re each created to address social issues as well as to be practical, durable building solutions. For each of their products, Bioshield asks:

  • Does the product answer a clearly identified social need?
  • Is this product made from a natural and easily renewable resource?
  • Is this product derived from minimally toxic ingredients?
  • Is it competitively priced?
  • Is it derived from outstanding raw materials that are obtained using fair trade practices?
  • Can the quality and freshness be guaranteed?
  • Does the formulation meet their high standards for durability?
  • Can they consistently supply every customer with superlative service?

Oh, that every chemical manufacturer held such lofty ideals and had the integrity to follow through.

Bioshield Clay Paint is self priming, spatter resistant and provides good coverage. But just as importantly, it has no odor, is nontoxic, and contains zero VOCs. It creates a beautiful, breathable surface that can be laid on thickly as a textured wall finish – almost like plaster – or as a beautifully smooth flat coat. Composed of water, clay, porcelain clay, chalk, alcohol ester (as a binder), cellulose, pigments, and a preservative, and that’s all, it comes in 84 colors. Coverage is 300 – 400 sq. ft. per gallon.

Bioshield Solvent-Free Wall Paint applies easily over gypsum board, sheet rock, plaster, concrete, and brick. It also will go over preexisting flat paint or glossier sheens after a light sanding. Like their clay paint, Bioshield wall paint is self-priming and solvent free, breathable and has no VOCs. Choose from 84 brilliant colors. Coverage is 300 – 400 sq. ft. per gallon.

Aqua Resin Stain Finishes are interior water-based stains. They have no solvents, are zero VOC, and are low-drip. They are made from non-toxic and natural ingredients that are harmless to the environment, including water systems. Aqua Resin Stains come in 10 accent colors and 9 simulated wood colors. All are light-stable and UV resistant. Cleans up easily with soap and water. The ingredients are simplicity itself:  water, earth pigments, silica, alcohol ester, surfactant, and a preservative. Coverage is 120 – 150 sq. ft. per liter.

Bioshield also makes Aqua Resin Floor Finish, a clear, transparent, water-based stain and finish in one formulated for finishing more heavily trafficed surfaces.

Resin & Oil Stain Finish is an interior/exterior stain and finish in one that has exceptional coverage. It will reveal and enhance the natural attributes of wood, stone, and clay surfaces. Use it to color and preserve doors, windows, moldings and trim, stairways, balustrades, furniture, cabinetry, and mantelpieces, or on large jobs like porches, floors, wood siding, greenhouses, and log homes. It has the qualities you need for preserving and rejuvenating exterior wood surfaces, even those that have been bleached and grayed by the sun. Resin & Oil Finish, with the exception of #3-00 Clear, provides UV protection. All formulations will build an elastic, water-resistant finish that is up to the rigors of Oregon’s damp climate. It can be used to help preserve garden accessories, and will also perform well on masonry such as stone tiles, clay pots, and the like. Use it on your decorative objects and for antiquing furniture. It dries to a low eggshell luster.

Hard Oil is a low-VOC, deep-penetrating finish for floors and other heavily used wood surfaces. It is their best choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Green Store customers who have used Hard Oil swear by it, and use it at every opportunity, for floors and trim. The contents are linseed oil, tung oil, colophonium resin, castor stand oil, isoaliphatics (aka mineral spirits), lead-free dryers (zircon, colbalt octoate) and oximes (anti-skinning agent).

Colophonium resin is derived by boiling out turpenes from pine pitch. The crystals left behind are used in many products from food glaze and chewing gum to baseball rosin bags and as an anti-slip treatment for ballet shoes and violin bows.  Colbalt octoate is the most widely used drying agent in paints and finishes and is a moderate toxin, as are oximes (methyl ethyl ketoxim).

Citrus Thinner is Bioshield’s preferred solvent. It is a combination of Isopar and orange peel oil. Isopar is a very low odor mineral spirit.

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