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Product Description

Many people in the Northwest are adversely affected by Seasonal Affected Disorder, SAD, which reduces an otherwise positive outlook to a depressive gloom during the dark, rainy local winters. However, there is a cure for SAD that does not include drugs, or expensive vacations mid-winter. Light Therapy Boxes replicate sunny days inside your home and relieve debilitating symptoms. The glum and lethargic mindset that is symptomatic of the disease gradually improves via light therapy, as if clouds are lifting and the sun is again breaking through.

The rule of thumb treatment for light therapy is 10,000 lumens of full spectrum light for at least 30 minutes a day. You do not need to stare into the light, but you do need to be close, usually within 12 to 18 inches, and have the light be within your field of vision. Many start to notice an improvement of mood within a week of beginning, and as they improve, exposure time can be reduced.

Here at the Green Store, we sell two brands of Light Therapy Boxes: Nature’s Bright and Verilux.

The Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus has several features that set it apart. It has a built-in, optional ionizer that produces ozone that Nature’s Bright claims enhances the effect of the light therapy. The Sun Touch Plus also has a built in timer set in 15 minute intervals that insures you will be exposed to the light for the duration prescribed. At 10,000 lumens, it provides the brightness most often associated with symptom relief.

Verilux sells several models of therapy boxes. In the therapy light business since 1956, Verilux has a reputation for innovation and quality, and their Happy Light Deluxe is perhaps the best known light therapy device on the market. It provides the requisite 10,000 lumens. A newer model, offering the same brightness but a smaller profile, is the Happy Light Liberty. It’s smaller profile allows for more easy transporting from room to room. Two other models, Happy Light 6000 and Happy Light 2500, provide less than the recommended 10,000 lumens, but are ideal for use in an office or taken on trips, to sustain or bolster the gains made from your in-home therapy.

Don’t suffer anymore. Come to the Green Store to experience the bright light of health. Happier days are just around the corner.

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