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Nova’s cork flooring is the most beautiful and innovative available today. The advantages of cork as a building material are myriad. Besides being a renewable resource, cork is durable, deadens sound, won’t attract and hold onto dust particles (meaning it is also hypo-allergenic), is naturally impermeable so it won’t absorb water or smells, and is a natural flame retardant. Nova enhances the value of cork with thoughtful, no waste, production practices, and proclaim their high principles by being Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. FSC is recognized as the most rigorous certification standard for sustainable forestry. The Nova process adds no formaldehyde, so it does not off-gas. The flooring is precision made in Europe by Nova’s Swiss partner.

Some of the innovative offerings in the Nova line are Nova Leather, Corkstone, and Real Stone.

Nova Leather is a floating floor system that has a 2.5 mm thick top layer of real leather – recycled, chrome-free and naturally tanned – that has been treated with natural latex and natural oils and attached to an FSC certified high density fiberboard center. Three coats of high UV resistant polyurethane protect the leather from fading, scuffing and scratches. The bottom layer is 1.2mm of cork underlayment adding quietness and softness to the formal elegance of the leather.

Corkstone weds the durability of linoleum (Marmoleum) with the warmth of natural cork to create a unique flooring option that is adaptable to home or workplace. The simulated stone appearance adds a nice touch in bath, kitchen, living room, or office.

Creating Real Stone may have been Nova’s crowning achievement. They took a very thin layer of natural slate that they have adhered to a layer of high-density cork. The cork adapts to and corrects any unevenness of the slate’s back. The cork also provides natural benefits one expects from cork, i.e.: sound insulation, warmth, and softness underfoot. The middle “click” layer is once again FSC certified water resistant high density fiberboard. The HDF provides a very strong connection to the slate and cork and forms incredibly tight seams. Think of Swiss precision engineering. Cork is also added to the bottom of the HDF to provide the further benefits of warmth, and quiet.

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