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YOLO Colorhouse Paint

Product Description

The first thing everyone seems to notice about YOLO Colorhouse paint is the richness and beauty of their colors. Their original palette, the Earth Color Collection, washes over you and elicits a deep, visceral response, and their Colors of Hope make you feel buoyant and keenly alive. Their new Handcrafter Color Collection, while visceral like the Earth colors, is less raw, more fashioned and tamer.

The three collections combined are maybe a hundred colors, but the aggregate seems huge in that you don’t need more. You can fully express your uniqueness through them. They are colors that adapt to you in a way that other paint colors do not.

What one doesn’t see from the color selection is the commitment to quality of the company and the people behind it. YOLO Colorhouse is no ordinary paint company. Of course, as an Oregon based company, you expect them to be a different from the rest, and they are. They only make one high quality, premium line of paint, no crap. While other paint companies try to inhabit all market niches at once, YOLO sticks to what they do best: producing a quality product.

YOLO’s environmental bona fides are top drawer, too, and the people at YOLO like to point out what is not in their paint:

• No reproductive toxins

• No mutagens

• No hazardous air pollutants

• No ozone depleting compounds

• No formaldehyde

• No phthalates

• No VOCs



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