Mini Split Ductless Heat Pump

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Product Description

A Mini-Split Ductless Heat Pump (DHP) is one of the most-efficient means of keeping your home or business comfortable throughout all seasons of the year. The system consists of an outdoor compressor unit which is connected with copper pipes to an indoor unit that distributes the heated or cooled air into the home or building.

In our heating climate here in Oregon, a DHP can be up to three or four times more efficient than electric resistant heaters. Using the ozone friendly R410a refrigerant, the DHP uses the refrigeration cycle and absorbs heat energy from the outside air and releases that same heat energy inside your conditioned space. DHP’s are able to extract heat from ambient air temperatures as low as -5 degrees fahrenheit.

When properly designed and located in the conditioned space, the indoor unit is able to evenly distribute the heated air throughout the room so that all areas of the room feel very comfortable.

Once the season gets warmer, the DHP becomes an air-conditioner. The outdoor unit has a reversing valve which switches the operation from heating to cooling. In this cooling mode the indoor coil absorbs heat energy from the hot indoor air and transfers it to the outdoor air, cooling the indoor air temperature.

Most DHP’s have the ability to do both heating and cooling, although there are “cooling only” models avaiable.

The Green Store has thoroughly trained installers and technicians ready to design and install your system for many years of quality performance. We are fully licensed and bonded and professionally trained.

There are utility rebates/no interest loans and residential energy tax credits that can help customers pay for the DHP systems. Please contact us and we can help sort through all the red-tape and get you the best incentives available.

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